Who Am I?

I find it difficult to write about myself because in doing so I am faced with looking into the mirror and seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Ugh. Have you ever felt this way?

I’ll open at the beginning and try to keep it in a nutshell. I have “Type 1” diabetes and have struggled with it since the time I could walk. When I was 19, I was fortunate enough to finally find a doctor who would prescribed me an insulin pump rather than shots 5-6 times a day. This drastically changed my life – you could even say it saved my life. I went from the beginnings of kidney failure to a healthy and more active life just by making the switch to an insulin pump… more on that in the next blog. Diabetes set me on track for pushing through the challenges of life at an early age.

I’ve always had a strong curiosity for the way things work mechanically. This interest inspired many thoughts as small as how a zipper works to as large as what makes an airplane fly. After obtaining a degree in Automotive Technology, I worked in the automotive and diesel fields for 13 years as either a service technician or in parts. I know what it’s like to be challenged on a daily basis as the only girl in a male dominated field.

To extend that curiosity, I found my love of racing cars and motorcycles at a very young age and have continued that through most of my adult life. From dirt bikes and drag racing to circle track, karting, and then finally rally… if it moves, I’ll drive it! (BTW, if you race, please keep it legal and on the track only.) I fix my own vehicles, make my own home repairs, and teach myself new “how to” lessons on a regular basis. I love to learn. Why not?

I also love to go to tea, bake goodies, sew & design my own clothing (so it actually fits properly), create my own quilt patterns, and fly small planes. What does all of this have in common? It all has to do with making, creating, operating or building things with my hands whether disassembly and assembly or creating something brand new. My heart is visible through my hands and includes volunteer work which I also love to do.

Things I am not good at are computer work (like this website although I had to learn – my husband does most of it), speaking in front of people, reading & writing efficiently, being idle, and trying to be someone I’m not. In other words, I’m the best at being me (we’re all different and that makes us each unique and special).

I genuinely care about others even if I don’t know them. People are very important to me and helping others through means of good news, encouragement, hospitality, comfort, ideas, generosity or whatever else they may be in need of is how I try to serve others. Loving God and loving my neighbor (that’s you) is my goal in life. I can do that with the skills I was blessed with despite any hardships life has thrown my way. We all have them and perhaps that will be a future blog topic.

Building relationships is more important than any sewing endeavor I could ever do, but they can certainly compliment each other! I am blogging for the first time in hopes that I be able to connect with others about life through the common interest of sewing.

The blogs, newsletters, and emails that you see on this site will differ from that of a typical quilt shop. We are all on the journey of life and I am excited to be able to support that with the creation of Creekside Quilts: God first, family second, and work third.

So if you can relate to life’s ups and downs, if you have questions, just need to vent, could use a listening ear, or simply just want to learn how to quilt (or fix your car, house, etc), then please feel free to respond to the blogs and posts on this site or send me a private email – you will find empathy here. I hope you will come to feel like this is a trusted place you can visit that’s safe and that encourages you to live a life full of purpose.


With loving kindness for you,


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