Fabric Collections

Holly Holiday 10" Stack (42 pcs)
Holly Holiday True Color Photo

This is one of our favorite Christmas collections from Island Batik. Holly Holiday features a timeless classic Holiday season color palette of reds, deep greens, and orange-gold ornaments. It is not too late to make a small project just in time to celebrate the festive winter season!

Elementz BOM Quilt Pattern
Dazzle Quilt Pattern
Lavender Fields True Color Photo

Lavender Fields features a color palette of purples and blues which are two of the most popular colors in batiks. These fabrics are also featured in several patterns by Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis. Click below to see projects and patterns that feature this collection.

Light as a Feather

by Wendy Sheppard

Fabric List

401 Tortilla: 5 3/4 yd
134 Parchment: 3/8 yd
242 London: 3/4 yd
536 Aquarius: 5/8 yd
92 Slate: 3/8 yd
179 Toast: 3/8 yd
247 Juneau: 3/8 yd
538 Nirvana: 3/4 yd
105 Celadon: 3/8 yd
198 Apricot: 3/8 yd
480 Creamsicle: 3/8 yd
597 December: 3/8 yd
10" Stack (42 pcs)
2.5" Strips (40 pcs)
Free To Fly - True Color Photo

A newly released collection from Island Batik called Free to Fly featuring bright primary colors of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues. The butterfly and floral stamps has us looking forward to Spring again when insects, birds, and plants wake up from their Winter slumber.

10" Stack (42 pcs)
2.5" Strips (40 pcs)
Oh Tannenbaum - Whirligig Designs
Autumn Wings - True Color Photo

Here we have some of the fabrics from Island Batik’s new collection release of Autumn Wings. We love the butterfly stamps set against Fall season colors of browns, tans, oranges, and teal! We do have precuts available in 10 inch squares or 2.5 inch strips, if you are interested in getting fabric from the entire collection.

10" Stack (42 pcs)
2.5" Strips (40 pcs)
Midnight Dazzle - True Color Photo

Here is a new release from Island Batik called Midnight Dazzle featuring rich, dark, saturated jewel tones. The rich deep colors bring us to a moonlit twilight where the evening flora and fauna illuminate their enchanted glowing colors – transforming into a magical wonderland.

Summer '21 Collections

New Release!

Precuts Have Arrived!

New Release!

Color Me Happy

This is the one of the most recent collection releases from our friends at Batik Textiles. 
We love the bright rainbow colors which show off the beautiful butterfly, bees, and hummingbird stamps. 


Ocean Breeze

Into The Mist - True Color Photo
Making Winter Friends - Welcome Winter!
Said the Night Wind
Salem Stars - Bear Hug Quiltworks
Making Winter Friends - Let it Snow!

We are excited to begin carrying patterns from McKenna Ryan starting with this beautiful wintry batik collection called Into the Mist.
We have laser-cut applique kits available for all of the projects show above, and also traditional fabric kits and patterns.

Alaska Batik Collection

Limited Edition!

We are very excited to feature this limited once-a-year release from Hoffman of Alaska themed Batiks. These beautiful fabrics are a special collection which is not available in the standard Hoffman catalog and are only offered to a limited number of stores. In addition to the custom Alaska designs, fabrics from the Into the Wild and From the Depths collections by Wildfire Designs Alaska are included here as well. Because these batiks are only made once a year, we are unable to re-order more when these are sold out. Once they are gone – they are gone!

Aruba - Needle in a Hayes Stack
Bold Moves - Whimsical Workshop
Sparrows at Play - Quiltachusetts
Plum Pudding 10" Stack (42 pcs)

This brand new collection has just arrived in time for your Christmas Winter Holiday projects! The gorgeous magenta purples, blues, and snowy neutrals will have visions of wintry sugar-plums dancing in your head.

Plum-Pudding 2.5" strips (40pcs)
Glacier Bay 10" Stack (42 pcs)

Look at this beautiful collection of blues! Let it transport your mind to a peaceful, snowy wintry landscape where evening twilight has just begun, and snow is gently falling amongst the magical trees and forest animals.

Glacier Bay 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)
Monumental - Cindi McCracken

Autumn brings cooler weather and a change of colors to oranges and yellows. This beautiful collection is perfect for your Fall, Halloween project without all the scary images related to that holiday. Look at the bountiful variety of pumpkins in orange, yellows and in a stunning tonal black!

Halloween Fans - Masterpiece Quilting
Farm Fresh 10" Stack (42 pcs)

It is a bountiful harvest of corn, grapes, wheat, and pumpkins among the autumn leaves turning colors into yellow, orange, and magenta purple hues. This is a bright collection to use for your upcoming fall projects which exactly pinpoints the seasonal color palette.

Farm Fresh 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)
Jewel Quest 10" Stack (42 pcs)

Saturated jewel-toned purples and greens feature in this collection of grapes, leaves and crops. The rich colors will add a “glow” to a quilt project especially with the gorgeous deep purples in this collection.

Jewel Quest 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)
Napa Valley 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)

Fabrics Now Available!

Napa Valley 10" Stack (42 pcs)

Heavy monsoon rains in Bali have impacted production of batiks. We have 16 out of 20 of the fabrics in this collection available for sale. The remaining 5 fabrics will be available as soon as we can receive them from Island Batik in hopefully another month or two. We will update here when we receive the remaining fabrics in this collection.

Smokey Mountain 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)

Fabrics Now Available!

Smokey Mountain 10" Stack (42 pcs)

Heavy monsoon rains in Bali have impacted production of batiks. We have 19 out of 20 of the fabrics in the Smokey Mountain collection available right now. The remaining 9 fabrics will be available as soon as we can receive them from Island Batik in hopefully another month or two. We will update here when we receive the remaining fabrics in this collections.


Liberty Lemoyne Quilt Kit

Fabrics Now Available!

Argyle Quilt Kit
Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 - ByAnnie

Fabrics Now Available!

Open Wide 2.0 - ByAnnie

Fabrics Now Available!