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Liberty Lemoyne Quilt Kit

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Argyle Quilt Kit
Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 - ByAnnie

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Open Wide 2.0 - ByAnnie

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Summer Fields 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)

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Summer Fields 10" Squares (42 pcs)
Freedom-2 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)

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Freedom-2 10" Squares (42 pcs)

Tonga - Celebrity

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Tonga - Icing

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Another new batik collection from Timeless Treasures called Tonga Icing featuring soft pastel colors is ideal for a Spring quilt or any project that is calls for a soft, relaxed, tonal color palette. This collection shows batiks are not always bright, and saturated, and are available in lighter colors as well. There are 24 fabrics in this collection now available to purchase on our web store here and on our Etsy store.

Xx's and Oo's

Xx's and Oo's

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Jewels of the Islands

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Winter '20 Collections

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Precuts Have Arrived!

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Tropicana Twist 10" Stack (42 pcs)

New Release! Feb 2021

Tropicana Twist 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)

Just Arrived! Feb 2021

New Release! Feb 2021

Williams Garden 10" Stack (42 pcs)

Just Arrived! Feb 2021

Williams Garden 2.5" Strips (40 pcs)

This is a signature collection by Kathy Engle for Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. 

BEN09155-28 Sunset Cactus

Bali Mojave

New Release! Dec 2020

We are pleased to be one of the first shops to carry the complete brand new collection of Bali Mojave batiks from Benartex. This collection is just released to the public in December and features gorgeous soft tones of a desert sunset, evening sky, and colors of cactus flowers and fruit. 

Benartex is known for
their triple-dyed Bali Batik fabrics. Typically batik fabrics are hand-dyed twice during the artisan process – once to set the color of the pattern that will be created by the copper stamping, and a second time to set the color of the background around the stamp pattern. Benartex’s Triple-Dyed Bali Batiks feature a third dye step to create even more deep, saturated and variegated colors in the fabric. 

BeColourful Collection

by Jacqueline de Jonge

The BeColourful collection by Jacqueline de Jonge from Anthology Fabrics is an amazing rainbow color assortment of batiks that were produced specially for her stunning paper-pieced quilt patterns. Whether you are making a BeColourful quilt project or another design, the bright saturated colors of this batik collection will make your quilt look stunning. Click below to view the BeColourful projects page where we will showcase some of the amazing quilts you can make with this fabric collection and the patterns from Jacqueline de Jonge.

Innovative, patented, design tools and rulers.

Quickly, easily, and accurately build and piece together your traditional quilt blocks and tricky 60-degree stars using the Tucker Trimmer I and brand new Star 60 ruler by Deb Tucker.

Star 60 Tool Demo:

Unique Patterns and Ruler Technique Sheets

Featuring the full collection (arriving early Dec.) of 
Studio 180 patterns and laminated technique sheets!

Visit our Web Store or Etsy Store for all your Studio 180 patterns, tools, and supply needs.

Triangle Pizazz Technique Sheet Demo:

Flannel Batiks - Moonlight Textures

by Textile Creations Inc.

We are excited to introduce a selection of gorgeous colorful flannel batiks from Textile Creations Inc. These fabrics are dyed and produced in the same way as regular batiks except the material is a thicker soft cotton flannel which makes it ideal for clothing. This is perfect to make some comfy pajamas as a Christmas gift for your loved ones or some colorful aprons. See below for some patterns and ideas.

Bali SunPrints™

Just Arrived

Batik Textiles has a unique collection of batiks called Bali SunPrints™. Making batiks involves creating an intricate stamp or chop design out of thin copper strips which are then bended to form the shapes and designs that give batiks their unique look. The copper stamp process is a skilled artisanal craft and very time consuming. With this Bali SunPrints™ collection, the design of leaves is done by just exposing the dyed fabric to the Bali noon-day sun, so what you see is the shadow of the local leaves and flora placed on top of the fabric which gives it a soft, shadowed effect.  


Artist's Palette

Just Arrived

The Artist’s Palette collection is a beautiful set of colored blender fabric with a soft gentle leaf design in front that is not very contrasting which lets it blend in nicely with other colors and palettes. The pictures above are of the actual fabric taken in our shop and corrected for the best color accuracy.

Moose Junction

Just Arrived

We are thrilled to feature Batik Textiles Moose Junction complete collection of fabrics. These beautiful colors showing earth tones of browns, greens and blues evoke the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. The stamp designs show a variety of scenes and wildlife such as fish, eagles, animal-tracks, mountains, streams, and of course moose!

Puffin Ridge

Just Arrived

Batik Textiles Puffin Ridge collection of fabrics can be thought of an extension and companion to the Moose Junction collection of fabrics featured above. Both collections feature similar batik stamps with Puffin Ridge focusing more on cream, blues, greens, and red backgrounds. We are pleased to offer the complete collection for your next quilt project.

Rainbow Sherbet

Just Arrived

We have received delivery of colorful fabrics from Batik Textiles from their Rainbow Sherbet collection designed by CI Kelly Grant. At Fall 2019 Quilt Market in Houston, we saw this collection on display. We were very impressed by the bright color palette and unique pinwheel, and quilt-block stamp patterns on the fabrics. We enjoyed how well the fabrics combined together in many different quilts on display. Click below for a link to more information, and to purchase the Basket of Rainbows featured quilt kit for this collection.

Berry Tart

Just Arrived

The Berry Tart collection features similar designs and bright colors as the Rainbow Sherbet collection. These two collections can be viewed as companions and extensions of one another. The bright colors and delightful designs are a unique addition for your quilt project.

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Rocky Road
Water Lily
Emerald Isle
Zen Garden
River Hunter's Star

This is a signature collection by Kathy Engle for Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. It features a rich blue-green color palette that is so versatile for many different types of projects and for boys quilts as well.

Our initial debut in May of River Valley was so popular we quickly sold out of several of the fabrics. Now our second shipment of this collection has arrived in the shop and all of the fabrics in this collection are back in stock. But hurry soon to get your fabrics as Island Batik is no longer re-printing this collection, so once we are sold out of this shipment, it is gone forever! (We are now permanently sold out of all precuts) Click on any of the gorgeous quilt designs above by Studio 180 to order a complete kit to make your own stunning quilt for your home or someone special.

2.5" x 42" Strip Pack (42pcs)