Quilt Shop Update Feb 15, 2020

The shelves are now installed in the quilt shop on one wall! The shelving was custom built to fit around each of the 5 windows on the long side of the shop. The rest of the shelving will be installed a couple months from now as we are able to afford it. It’s exciting that it’s all finally coming together!

Before we open in the summertime, we will be putting in pavers or some sort of a walkway from the parking area to the shop, which is tucked back in the trees a little bit. So that’s the next big step in addition to the other wall of shelving before the fun part… filling the shelves with colorful fabrics, precuts, patterns, and displays!

We currently have 350+ bolts of batik fabric on the one wall but we figure each wall will be able to hold 650-700 bolts. If our calculations are right, we will be able to hole about 3,000 bolts of batik fabric in the quilt shop. Does anyone have a guess at how long this might take to reach the 3,000 bolt goal

Batik Color Wall

Batik Collections

Anthology BeColourful by Jacquelin de Jonge
Bejeweled Batiks by Maywood Studio
Coastal Getaway by Maywood Studio
Galapagos by Batik Textiles
Pre-Cuts, Kits and a Love Monster!
Maywood Java Batik Jelly Rolls and Basket of Rainbows Kit
Jump! by Timeless Treasures
1895 Watercolors by Hoffman & Semangka by Batik Textiles
Desert Blooms by Batik Textiles
Marine/Tropical Batiks by Michael Miller
Coastal Getaway Pre-Cuts and Kits
Maywood Java Batik Jelly Rolls and Squares

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