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New Fabric Collections

2.5" x 42" Strip Pack (42pcs)
9620-20 Strawberry

Bali Tropical Escape

Just Arrived

We are pleased to carry new collections of batiks from Benartex featuring their triple-dyed Bali Batik fabrics. Typically batik fabrics are hand-dyed twice during the artisan process – once to set the color of the pattern that will be created by the copper stamping, and a second time to set the color of the background around the stamp pattern. Benartex’s Triple-Dyed Bali Batiks feature a third dye step to create even more deep, saturated and variegated colors in the fabric. You will notice at the rich colorful hues in the finished product.

6612-52 Ocean

Bali Splash

Just Arrived

The Bali Splash collection features a variety of cool sea tropical blues and turquoise colors with fish, dolphins, sharks and bubbles. These fabrics will be an excellent addition to your next quilt project.

Bali Eden

Just Arrived

The Bali Eden collection features some unique deep jeweled ombre batiks in addition to flower and leaves designs.

Full Collection Available

Featured Quilt Kits

Rocky Road
Water Lily
Emerald Isle
Zen Garden
River Hunter's Star

This is a signature collection by Kathy Engle for Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design. It features a rich blue-green color palette that is so versatile for many different types of projects and for boys quilts as well.

Our initial debut in May of River Valley was so popular we quickly sold out of several of the fabrics. Now our second shipment of this collection has arrived in the shop and all of the fabrics in this collection are back in stock. But hurry soon to get your fabrics as Island Batik is no longer re-printing this collection, so once we are sold out of this shipment, it is gone forever! Click on any of the gorgeous quilt designs above by Studio 180 to order a complete kit to make your own stunning quilt for your home or someone special.

Coming Soon!

December 2020

December 2020


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Updated Quilt Shop Photos 08/2020

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