Updated Quilt Shop Photos 08/2020

With most of the construction completed, we were able to move fabrics back into the shop in August. We finally have a permanent cutting counter to prepare orders and the shelving looks great with room to grow. We also have space just outside on the deck for sale fabrics when we get to that point… still filling up the shop with new fabric collections first. We will eventually have samples on display and are preparing a small parking area with a walkway that leads to the shop. We are hoping this will be a batik destination location halfway between Portland and the coast. Although small at 600 sq ft, we are able to pack in about 2800 bolts of batik fabrics!

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  • Oh my goodness!! Your shop is incredibly pretty. Your walkway is incredible. Did you and your significant other make that walk? I am so impressed. Your shop looks like a museum! I must find a reason to drive to Oregon when this pandemic thing leave us. . . and bring my credit card!! What beautiful fabrics. I love them!

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