Island Batik – IB Whip Cream – Foundations Neutrals


This light and lovely Whip Cream fabric is a staple for cold-toned quilts. There are no solid white areas in the background. The background is a light off-white, gray, turquoise blue and a smidge of turquoise green color. The wavy topography-like lines on top are in a light gray color with some of the gray very light in areas or even appearing with a slight tint of tan in the a few spots inside the lines. This turquoise color is mostly a turquoise blue and is less of turquoise green although both colors are present. Some dye lots may appear with more turquoise green in them, but it usually arrives with more turquoise blue color. Please contact me if you have any questions including about the current dye lot. 

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The first two photos are ones that I took and the third photo is the manufacturers thumbnail image. The second photo is the view looking at the fabric as wrapped on the bolt and not WOF. There are variations in the batik colors because they are hand dyed. I have matched the colors as closely as possible to my computer screen, but they may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. If you’re unsure about the true color, please contact me directly. I’m happy to help.

Price is per 1 yd quantity. Fabric sold will be a single continuous cut off the bolt.


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