Island Batik – IB Almond – Foundations Neutrals


This fabric has a white background that contains a tinge of purple/pink in the white. It’s not a true white. The dots contain hints of very light warm & cold pinks and purples (mauve), grays and sometimes an indigo color. Mixed altogether, the dot colors appear like a mottled mauve-purple color overall. It has a warm feel to it, not cold.

*Third photo: Most of the time Almond has a lighter background as shown on the left. The right contains a different dye lot that makes the background appear slightly more purple tinged and less white. Hoffman 1377-3 PFD (creamy/warm)solid white is at the top.

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The first three photos are ones that I took and the fourth photo is the manufacturers thumbnail image. The second photo is the view looking at the fabric as wrapped on the bolt and not WOF. The third photo features two different dye lots of Almond compared to Hoffman PFD (cream/off-white) solid white at the top. There are variations in the batik colors because they are hand dyed. I have matched the colors as closely as possible to my computer screen, but they may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. If you’re unsure about the true color, please contact me directly. I’m happy to help.

Price is per 1-yard quantity. Fabric sold will be a single continuous cut off the bolt. This fabric is 100% cotton. 42″ – 44″ WOF.

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