Anthology – BC34 Multi Sunflowers – BeColourful – Batik Fabric by JdJ


Price is per 1 yd quantity.

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Anthology – BC34 – Sunflower Multi – Be Colourful Collection – Batik Fabric by Jacqueline de Jonge. Price is per 1 yd quantity. Fabric sold will be a single continuous cut off the bolt.

Jacqueline de Jonge is a well known designer of colorful and intricate paper pieced patterns. If you are looking to order a fabric kit for a pattern you have, I can help you. I cut this fabric collection as needed for kits. If you have the yardage requirements you need and/or the name of the pattern, email me along with a list, picture, or description of the fabric requirements and I can assemble a kit together for you after providing you with a price and custom listing.

The first two photos are ones that I took and the third photo is the manufacturers thumbnail image. The actual fabric does not have the super bright colors like the manufacturer (third photo) shows… it’s a little more muted like the first two photos.

***Update: the fourth photo is a comparison of the Anthology BC34 Multi Sunflower (left) and the Hoffman 884-130 Multi Sunflower (right) fabrics.

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