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Anthology – 100Q-1861 – Smog – Lava Solids – Batik Watercolor Fabric


The actual fabric looks like the first two photos and is nothing like the last photo. Honestly, who’s taking their photos over there? This fabric is not even close to the manufacturers thumbnail image (last photo). How can customers expect to receive what they see online with photos like this? Ok, now for the product:

This fabric is gorgeous and full of lightness as well as being colorful at the same time. This is what made me fall in love with it when I saw a sample of it in person. The gray color in the main background has a mostly cool blue cast but there are areas in which the gray appears more neutral though not really warm. There are somewhat prominent light areas of a lime-chartreuse green and a light beige-tan that’s only slightly warm, mostly neutral. When some of the tan overlaps the gray, it sometimes appears as a soft yellow-pink hue that reminds me of a winter sunset. There are more hidden areas of warm indigo kisses as well as some soft light yellow that is difficult to detect in the photo. The yellow is floating around the gray areas and is sometimes a blender between the gray and the rest of the colors. This fabric is not muddy and is distinct in it’s color areas. It’s simply a gorgeous watercolor blender.

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The first two photos are ones that I took and the third photo is the manufacturers thumbnail image. The second photo is the view looking at the fabric as wrapped on the bolt and not WOF.

There are variations in the batik colors because they are hand dyed. I have matched the colors as closely as possible to my computer screen, but they may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. If you’re unsure about the true color, please contact me directly. I’m happy to help.

Price is per 1 yd quantity. Fabric sold will be a single continuous cut off the bolt. This fabric is 100% cotton. 42″ – 44″ WOF.

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