Island Batik – IB 2.5″ Strip Pack SP – Naturally Neutral


2.5” strips
40 pieces
20 shades

The second photo is a very close portrayal of the actual fabric color and should be considered the color that will arrive to you. A plain solid white fabric is shown on the left as a comparison for how light or tinted the fabrics are compared to plain white. 

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Island Batik *Naturally Neutral* – Strip Pack
2.5” Strips, 40 pieces, 20 fabric designs

A neutral tonal watercolor strip set to save you time when cutting strips! Strip pack consists of 2 1/2″ strips, 40 pieces, 20 shades.

These gradient strips work perfectly for Bargello quilts!

Includes IB Basics: Linen, Cream, Bone, Oyster, Ghost, Champagne, Cornsilk, Pearl, Lace, Ivory, Chalk, Ceramic, Snow, Pastry, Beige, Porcelain, Muslin, Baby Powder, Platinum and Alabaster.


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