Citrus Sun

Cosmic Quasar Quilt Kit – 57″ x 71″ – Island Batik Citrus Sun – Cindi McCracken Designs


Pattern by Cindi McCracken

Fabrics by Island Batik “Citrus Sun”

Quilt Size: 57″ x 71″

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“Cosmic Quasar” – Quilt KIT
Pattern by Cindi McCracken Designs

QUILT SIZE: 57″ x 71”

The cover photo was made using Island Batik’s “Citrus Sun” fabric collection.

Kit Includes: All fabrics to make top (including binding) and pattern/foundation papers (optional).

Kit Does Not Include: Backing and batting. 

Backing required for this quilt is 4.5 yards. 

What is a Quasar? The word quasar stands for quasi-stellar radio source is a type of active galactic nucleus, or AGN. Discovered in the late 1950s, it is a one of the brightest and most distant solar objects in our universe and only lives in galaxies with supermassive black holes at their centers. They are not stars but rather young galaxies and are believed to form in regions where matter density is much higher than average. Radiation is emitted from the disc surrounding the black hole and is super heated to millions of degrees from colliding matter particles. The heat generates light (including radio waves, ultraviolet light and X-rays) that outshine other galaxies in the universe by 10 to 100K times brighter than the Milky Way.

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